You Touched My Heart (2023)


You Touched My Heart DramaCool

There’s a girl named Anyamanee who is really pretty but comes from a family that only values men. She’s proud of what she’s achieved in life because it wasn’t easy.

She meets a guy named Kueakhun, who is caring and makes her feel good. He wants to be a source of warmth and light in her life because he thinks she’s precious. But, their love story gets complicated. When some family business issues come up, including Anyamanee’s brother passing away, Kueakhun becomes the prime suspect. That’s because he used to have a relationship with Anyamanee’s sister-in-law, which ended a long time ago but has resurfaced. The question is, can trust survive in this tough situation?

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Director: Pin Kriengkraisakul

Also known as: Tee Sood Kong Huajai Thi Sut Khong Huachai ที่สุดของหัวใจ


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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Starring: , , , , ,

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