Shooting Stars (2022)


Shooting Stars DoramaCool

Gong Tae Sung is a very famous star, always in the spotlight. People think he’s a so nice guy, but his management team knows very well he is not as perfect as he looks. Oh Han Byeol, who heads the PR team, is especially aware of Tae Sung’s real personality. She deals with his strong desire to win and his bad temper by using her speech and crisis management skills to protect his image.

Tae Sung and Han Byeol are like natural enemies, always arguing. Despite Tae Sung being loved by the public, Han Byeol sees through his good-guy act. They clash a lot, and it seems like they’ll never get along.

Even though they’re always at odds, circumstances force Tae Sung and Han Byeol to spend more time together. The question is, will this time together change their feelings toward each other, or will they keep hating each other forever? It’s a story of two people who seem destined to be enemies, but maybe there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye.

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Director: Lee Soo Hyun

Also known as: Star Fall Shooting Stars Byeolddongbyeol Byeolttongbyeol Shitting Stars Shooting Star 별똥별 Sh**ting Stars


Status: Completed

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Starring: , , , , ,

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