My Name (2021)


My Name DramaCool

There’s a woman who’s very angry because her father was killed. She wants to get revenge on the people responsible. She decides to trust a powerful crime boss to help her with her plan. She pretends to be a police officer and goes undercover to catch the bad guys.

Choi Moo Jin is the boss of a big drug group in Korea. It’s not clear what he really wants. Jeon Pil Do is a police detective who always follows the rules. He becomes partners with Yoon Ji Woo when she joins the police. Cha Gi Ho is their boss and really wants to catch Choi Moo Jin’s gang before he retires.

Jung Tae Joo is a member of Choi Moo Jin’s gang and is very loyal to him. Do Gang Jae used to be in the gang but got kicked out. He now plans to retaliate against them. So, it’s a story about revenge, undercover work, and some complicated relationships.

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Director: Kim Jin Min

Also known as: Nemesis Undercover Mai Neim Maineim Nemesiseu Eondeokeobeo 네메시스 언더커버 마이네임 마이 네임


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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