My Lethal Man (2023)


My Lethal Man DramaCool

In a very surprising turn of events, Shen Man Ning stumbles upon Zhuang Xin Yan during a kidnapping incident. Tragically, Zhuang Xin Yan passes away. Then, a mysterious and influential figure named Yan Xing Cheng compels Shen Man Ning to begin a new chapter in her life as his fiancée.

As they face challenges and hardships together, Shen Man Ning and Yan Xing Cheng transition from being adversaries to forming a close bond. They learn to love and depend on one another, working as a team. Together, they embark on a journey to uncover the truth behind a mysterious case that had remained unsolved for 17 years.

This wonderful story is about unexpected connections, personal growth, and the pursuit of justice. It’s a tale of two people brought together by a twist of fate, who find strength and love in each other as they unravel a long-buried mystery from the past.

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Director: Chu De Jian

Also known as: A Dangerous Man He Who Is Dangerous to Me Dui Wo Er Yan Wei Xian De Ta 對我而言危險的他 对我而言危险的他


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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