Have a Crush on You (2023)


Have a Crush on You DramaCool

Ruan Liu Zheng comes back to her hometown after seven years and becomes a neurosurgeon at Bei Ya Hospital. Surprisingly, she meets her ex-husband, Ning Zhi Qian, who is a very experienced neurosurgeon at the same hospital. Ning Zhi Qian wants to make amends for hurting her in the past, so he offers to be her mentor.

Ruan Liu Zheng is no longer the shy girl she used to be. She’s strong and determined in her work and her relationships. They sometimes clash at work, but they also work together to save lives, like when they went to Africa for medical help.

In Africa, Ning Zhi Qian got hurt while saving a patient, and Ruan Liu Zheng didn’t leave his side. She fought hard to save him. Through their experiences, they start to understand life better and build a new relationship.

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Director: Yang Yang

Also known as: Dear Doctor Have a Crush on You Love Heals Ting Shuo Ni Xi Huan Wo Qin Ai De Yi Sheng 亲爱的医生 聽說你喜歡我 親愛的醫生 听说你喜欢我


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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