Chains of Heart (2023)


Chains of Heart DramaCool

Din, a young forest officer, gets caught up with a group of illegal smugglers, which forces him and Ken, his partner for over seven years, to run away. They find themselves in a dangerous situation and fall from a high cliff.

After a few months, Ken regains consciousness but Din is nowhere to be found. Ken spends many years living with the loss of his lover.

As time passes, Ken encounters someone who looks remarkably like Din. Memories of the past resurface, making Ken wonder if Din might still be alive and living as this new person. Doubt starts to creep in, and Ken begins to suspect that the man he’s met might actually be his long-lost lover, Din.

In this simplified version, we focus on the key elements of the story, the separation, the appearance of someone who resembles Din, and Ken’s growing suspicion that his lover may still be alive.

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Director: Term Rungradit Rungamonwanit

Also known as: ตรวนธรณี Chains of Heart ตรวนธรณี Chains Of Heart - ตรวนธรณี


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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Starring: , , , , ,

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