Because of Love (2023)


Because of Love DramaCool

There’s a girl named Ring who was adopted by a family named Singh. She has a special ability to protect people from danger. But, she got scared of marrying someone from Singh’s family, so she ran away and became a bodyguard for someone from another country.

Singh, on the other hand, took over his family’s business when he was young. He’s smart and strict, but he’s always having problems with a rival. He needs Ring’s help.

When Ring comes back to Singh, she has to protect the rival’s daughter while secretly watching over Singh. She’s doing this to thank Singh’s family for taking care of her. Singh is worried about her safety but agrees because of his grandfather’s wishes.

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Director: Songsak Mongkolthong

Also known as: Dangerous Love Love Luck Kroa Ruk Phro Rak เคราะห์รัก เพราะรัก


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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Starring: , , , , ,

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